Breaking Barriers and Leading with Purpose

Terrell J. Starr combines his travels and studies in Eastern Europe with his passion for social justice to share his compelling perspectives with both listeners and readers.

An inspiring speaker, dynamic thought leader, and award-winning journalist

Terrell is a thought leader who understands how anti-imperialism, colonialism, and neoliberalism are catalyzing many of our current pressing global issues. His greatest strength is how he combines his global expertise with his childhood roots in Detroit to bring a unique lens that inspires his audience to be better world citizens.

Featured Speaking Engagement

Terrell is an international speaker who can illustrate the intersections between global and local issues, be it climate change, nuclear weapons, Black Lives Matter protests, or militarization. His gift is in making these very complex issues, which seem so distant, feel very close to his listeners. And he starts with himself.

How to use a pop culture reference to explain an international problem.

Black Diplomats Podcast

Terrell uses his weekly show, Black Diplomats, to discuss global issues through a social justice lens. Discussions range from climate change to Kremlin politics.

About Terrell

Terrell Jermaine Starr is a senior reporter at The Root, where he writes about U.S.-Russia politics and race in America.